Mueller Time!

Did you ever wonder why some people are into politics and some aren’t?  I guess it’s akin to liking baseball over football or jazz over punk rock.  Who knows what makes people tick.  I was so crushed when Trump won, that a friend of mine, in an apparent effort to console me, asked, “What does it matter?  Our lives are never touched directly by who becomes president.”

Say what? Almost a year later, I am still having trouble processing this.  Off the tip of my tongue I can think of a tidal wave of reasons that it matters.  Clean air and oceans for our children, thousands losing health insurance, our standing in the world, and the threat of nuclear war- just to name a few.  How can this not bother people?   Why do I torment myself every day with the debasement of America, and most people don’t?

Sometimes I  envy people who are apolitical; it seems they  have a much more serene existence than me.  Sorry Los Angeles, while you were routing for the Dodgers, I have been cheering on  Robert Mueller- and looks like its Mueller Time!